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Open Positions:
Backend Engineering
Mistral  LLMs can help us stay anonymous online these days.  We shouldn't have to put up with endless recruiter emails and spam.  The average joe can prevent getting scammed or hacked with the right tools.  You feel me? Read on and   we're a small team of 5 trying to help folks protect their personal information.  

We've got some financial backing from top investors like 7pt and 2048 Ventures, plus leaders in privacy like Lavabit and DarkMail.  But 2 years after that first round of funding, our business is now supported mostly by our growing customer base.  

Job titles dont mean much at this stage.  We need a solid software developer to help expand the product and team as we try to keep up with customer demand.

The most complex work right now is on the back end.  You'd take ownership of projects like:-
Testing out new ways for people to browse the web anonymously (solving captchas, managing browser fingerprints using residential IPs).  It's like a game of cat and mouse against the bad actors out there.
- Performance optimization
- finding and implementing improvements in our API code, serializers, data models, database server config, etc.  
We use Python and Django currently.
- Minimizing QA time and duplicate code by utilizing AI models and improving our templating system with Go.

Salary range: $150k + generous equity (3%) We try to make compensation fair and competitive with a combination of salary and stock options.
If this sounds interesting, hit up our founder Alex at alex [at] hideme [dot] ai.


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